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We specialize in small- batch rustic breads and pastries. We use as many local ingredients as possible in our products, including heirloom grains from farms in Massachusetts and Maine. We use wild yeast starters and mill our whole grain flour just before baking for maximum flavor and nutrition. It’s a long process but we think it’s worth it- we  hope you will agree!

Below is a sample of current breads and pastries. As they are constantly evolving, our line up varies from week to week, season to season.  For our weekly offerings and where to get them, check out our Locations or Online Store or visit us on Facebook or Instagram. If you have any questions, including queries about special orders or wholesale, don’t hesitate to contact us.




 —Pain au levain—

A traditional French-style sourdough: mellow with a moist, open crumb and a dark mahogany crust.




—French Rye —

Our pain au levain with 20% fresh milled rye. A good choice for those new to rye or who just like a little more whole grain flavor.




—Miller’s Blend—

A white/whole grain crossover made with a blend of 65% white and 35% fresh-milled organic whole wheat, rye, kamut, and buckwheat.





“Miche” refers to the large wholegrain loaves (typically weighing 5 to 10 pounds) that once sustained French peasant society. Our scaled-down version is made with freshly-milled organic wheat, rye, and spelt.



—Rustic Walnut—

Made with a special blend of wheat, spelt, and buckwheat flour and loaded with toasted walnuts. Great with cheese! 


—Buckwheat Maple—

An earthy but mellow sourdough that is very New England.




—Auvergne Rye—

A hearty, medium-dense rye bread with a craggy top, reminicent of its origins in the rugged mountains of Central France.

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—Seeded Levain—

A wheat, rye, and Kamut sourdough featuring sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, millet, sesame seeds, royal quinoa, and local honey.    

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A ciabatta-like sourdough from the mountainous Auvergne region in France.  In plain, leek, olive, and walnut versions. 



—Golden Semolina—

A delicate sourdough with hints of olive oil, honey, and saffron. Covered with black and white sesame seeds.     



—Spelt Barley—

An earthy bread made with freshly-milled organic spelt, roasted barley, and a touch of honey.


–Maple Oat–

A hearty organic whole grain bread with steel cut oats and dark Vermont maple syrup.


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—Leek Focaccia—

A light, chewy crust topped with organic caramelized leeks, olive oil, and coarse sea salt. Can be ordered whole or half.



—Olive Fougasse—

A southern French version of focaccia with oil cured olives and sea salt. To be torn, not sliced!


—Cranberry Pecan—

Organic wholegrain sourdough packed with cranberries, pecans, and fresh orange zest.



—Chocolate Cherry—

Dark Belgian chocolate and dried Michigan cherries cavorting in a mild French sourdough. Preposterous!




Inspired by the sourdoughs of Germany, these loaves are dense and long-lasting, best sliced thin. Made with fresh-milled spelt and rye flour, sprouted rye berries, and sunflower seeds.



The traditional base for Smørrebrød, the Danish open face sandwich. A dense rye,  flavored with crushed fennel and molasses.




—Nordic Barley—

An ode to humble and ancient barley- a spelt sourdough with fresh-milled toasted barley, whole barley, and a touch of malted barley syrup.




A mild sourdough studded with briny Greek kalamata olives and Meyer lemon.




 — Traditional Baguette—

A classic French  baguette made with commercial yeast, cold fermented 24 hours, and baked hot to produce a crisp, caramelized crust. Available plain and seeded.


 — Buckwheat Baguette—

A small percentage of whole buckwheat flour creates a brown-speckled and earthly, yet still delicate, baguette.    



—Chocolate Babka—

A layered and twisted dough enriched with butter, egg, and dark chocolate ganache, finished with a citrus glaze.





—Classic Croissant—

Made with Manning milk and high-fat European style butter.


—Pain au Chocolat—

Two sticks of dark Valrhona chocolate tucked into a butter croissant. Why are they so sad??


—Pain aux Amandes—

Butter croissant with house made almond filling and glazed with amaretto syrup.


—Speciality Croissants—

Some new takes on the classics: pistachio and chocolate raspberry.  Change is good!


—Kouign Amann—

This Breton specialty is a rustic cousin of croissant: buttery and sweet, with a glossy caramelized shell flecked with sea salt.  


—Lemon Brioche—

A delicate enriched dough, made with local milk, honey, and eggs, glazed with fresh lemon syrup.


—Laminated Brioche—

The unholy marriage of brioche and croissant.  In  maple (below),  cinnamon, raspberry, and pistachio-rosewater



An orange blossom and anise flavored treat from southern France.


—Sarrasin aux Pommes—

Buckwheat croissant filled with caramelized apples.


—Cheddar Chive Brioche—

Delicate brioche wrapped around sharp Vermont cheddar and freshly-snipped chives


—French  Tarts—

Available as individual 3″ or larger 9″ tarts (6-8 slices). Currently offering apple, lemon, and chocolate.