About Us



Our family  loves good bread and we ate a lot of it when we lived in Europe. Back in Oklahoma, we found it hard to find good bread. What to do?  Open a bakery of course!

Fire Dog Breads is inspired by traditional bread-making practices from France and Germany. We use wild yeast starters, organic flours and grains, and a large European stone oven to create delicious rustic loaves and pastries. While this bread-making process is long—each batch takes up to two days to make—we think it’s worth it.

As a part-time home business , Fire Dog Breads operates under the 2013 Oklahoma Home Bakery Act. Given our professional lives,  our “doors” only open once a week, on Saturday. Please check out our “Get Some” page for details on ordering and pick up. If you are interesting in becoming a bread subscriber, click here.

**As of May 2017, we have shifted operations back east and will be at the farmer’s market in Keene NH every week over the summer**